Each skincare product is formulated and manufactured in France to meet pharmaceutical quality requirements and combines the marvels of nature with the prowess of science while awakening the senses. (45 patents pending - FR).

Our products stand out due to their natural-origin formulas which are equally beneficial to body and soul. The art of natural formulation is expressed in each product,

All women are incredible. Each of our products appeals to the senses and showcases the miracles nature has to offer, and many of them have become cult beauty products like our famous dry oil Huile Prodigieuse® which repairs, nourishes and beautifies skin and hair.  NUXE offers a selection of products to help you choose the right face moisturizer, anti-aging cream and body moisturizer for your skin type and age.  All our face and anti-aging creams are composed of a unique selection of active ingredients contained within the plant.


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