Trish McEvoy

Discover for yourself Trish McEvoy's breakthrough, results oriented range of skincare essentials to give your skin instant and long-term results. Dedicated to teaching women the Power of Makeup®, renowned makeup artist Trish McEvoy creates innovative products that take the guesswork out of beauty
Originally dermatologist-designed and makeup ready, Trish’s results-oriented simple skincare offers a cosmeceutical basics for all skin types. It is the essential five-step routine for skin that looks its immediate and long-term best.

A Passion for Makeup

Makeup, according to Trish, is supposed to be easy. That was the intention behind the creation of each and every one of her makeup products. Ease of application that helps you to enhance your natural beauty and exude confidence. Trish makeup is there to make you look your absolute best while having fun in the process of getting there.

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Trish McEvoy

Posted 1 year ago
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